The Battlefield and the Exile..

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Near a Battlefield. Few people are in a dilemma. Not sure what to do?

First one - “Let’s go.”

Second one - “Do we have to? I don’t want to!”

Third one -“ If we have to go, we will and we will fight for it. No backing off!”

The last two - “ We are near the battlefield. Let’s go?”

The 6th one or another one -“Well, none of us looked up for this. But it is WHAT IT IS! We were led to this battle. No turning back now! You’ve to fight. Take your Arms That’s your PURPOSE. Rest all.. ..? Leave it to me. I’ll take care” - The Krishna.

A micro scene from the EPIC, MAHABHARAT.

The Beginning scene of PANDAVAS going into the Kurukshetra war !

Happened today, ages ago.


The first, second, third and the last two: They are combinedly called as the Five Pandavas. They spend 13 years of Vanvas - the first 12 years is Vanvas and the last 1 year is the Exile in Disguise.

This day, today marks the end of those 13 years of Vanvas.

The five brothers - Pandavas have different opinions in taking part in “the Kurukshetra war”. On their journey, they go into a dilemma whether to go for the war or no. The Krishna guides them to head to the war they were intended to.

Pandavas go to collect their Arms stored and safe-guarded on a tree called Shami tree for 13yrs. That’s the significance of today.


Ancestors know it well. The POWER of STORIES and their IMPACT !

That’s why they encapsulated all preachings in the form of stories ! Be it a skill-set of leader, workmanship, brotherhood, or how to be a good human and many or any. Every story, every scene, every character is used to depict learning.

Per say, SKILL-SET of PANDAVAS, the five Brothers :

  1. The Eldest: Ingenious n dharma (Truth/ reality) follower. Never showed anger. Known for his unbiased justice!
  2. The second one: the name for strong, fearless and brave.
  3. The third and the middle one: Noble and humble. Great Archer (Known was his Focus).
  4. The last two: The twins. Calm and silent. Well versed with various skill-sets. Teaches us to be calm and do our jobs by developing the required skills?? (maybe.)
Photo by Navneet Shanu from Pexels

Happy VIJAYA (victory) DASAMI (10th day of Lunar/Hindu calendar).

Do you know?

Those stories were transferred from generation to generation through story-telling even without a script. By word of mouth. Of course scripts were there. Transferred one hand to another, but stories.. ..? Transferred at large volumes.

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