Picture Perfect..!!

Lavanya Naram
1 min readFeb 19, 2022

“Picture Perfect..!! Like in a novel.” He said, while looking at the shots I took recently. I take shots for my Blogs and sometimes I take few and later use them in the Blogs.

Recently, I met an old friend and we looked at my collection. We both love to take shots and that’s how we became thick friends. We first met in a Photography workshop.

I am fond of Colors, Nature and Sky. And obviously when someone is a fan of these three (3) definitely they will fall in love with Camera. That’s how my interest/ curiosity rose and I continued to spend lot of time with Cameras, Phone Cameras, of course.

While this friendly talk, I shared the recent pics and the designs and obviously the Blogs. Needless to say, he quickly pointed that I haven’t shared any of the pics I take, on this platform. So now you understood the purpose of this post.🙂🙂

Happy Saturday!

Photo by Author

See you soon with pics like this..❤️🙏



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